Imaging facilities at SDU

We are often asked what other types of microscopes/equipment we know at SDU. Therefore, here is a list of the ones we know of with the permission of the equipment superusers.

There is also general SDU imaging webpage which contains info on SDU imaging facilities:

  • SEM (Hitachi S-4800), AFM (Veeco Dimension 3100, JPK NanoWizard), Epifluorescence microscopes, Laser scanning microscopeLEED (Low energy electron diffraction) and more. Located at NanoSYDs cleanroom, contact  Zora Milde +45 6550 1673 or Dr. Katharina Rubahn +49 (0)4608-971135 info(at), Sønderborg Campus
  • NanoSight, contact Stefan Vogel  snv(at), Odense Campus
  • SEM (Fei Quanta 200), contact Per Morgen permorgen(at), Odense Campus
  • TEM (Transmision Electron Microscope, JEOL 1400 plus),  Located in Department of Pathology, Odense University Hospital. Contact Henrik Daa Schrøder, Henrik.Daa.Schroeder(at)
  • DLS-Dynamic Light Scattering (Beckman Coulter DelsaMax Pro (50mW, 532 nm laser)), contact Judith Kuntsche kuntsche(at), Odense Campus DELSAMAX softwareDLS in 30 minutesTechniques of the Coulter Principle and DLS
  • Upright Single- and Multiphoton Fluorescence Microscope, Inverted Single photon Fluorescence Microscope with CO2, Temp and O2 module, IVIS Spectrum and more. Located at  Flow Cytometry and Confocal Microscopy Core Facility, Dept. of Cancer & Inflammation Research, Institute of Molecular Medicine, contact Ulla Melchior Hansen uhansen(at), Odense Campus
  • MALDI-ToF MS: UltrafleXtreme-II tandem mass spectrometer (Bruker, D), Spatial resolution: 20 µm, Laser: Smartbeam-II™ laser, repetition rate 2 kHz, Mass resolving power: up to 40000 FWHM, MS/MS mode: LID-LIFT and CID. Contact: Ole Nørregaard Jensen jenseno(at), Odense Campus
  • For MS preparation:  1) ImagePrep (Bruker, D), Deposition of  MALDI matrix by piezo electric vibration, In situ enzymatic treatment (protease, glycosidase, etc). 2) iMatrixSpray (Tardo, CH), Deposition of MALDI matrix by pneumatic spray Contact: Ole Nørregaard Jensen jenseno(at), Odense Campus
  • Please contact us if you would like your instrument added to this list.