User info

Access to the DaMBIC facility is open for any user only after initial training by the DaMBIC staff.

Following completion of the training, users will gain access to the booking system on the specific equipment that they have received training on. At that time users are free to reserve equipment time and to use the equipment at their own.

Keep yourself updates on any irregularities posted on the status page.

It is also possible to request imaging assistance from our qualified staff.

Equipment is available for external company users at market fees. For more information contact center manager.

We can also offer a sample preparation laboratory for your needs.

Before training: 

  1. Prepare clear job description, what do you want to be done, which control samples will you have etc.
  2. What type of microscopy do you want to use?
  3. Which fluorophores do you plan to use? Please have their name, excitation and emission wavelengths ready
  4. If you use cover glass for your samples, please remember to use #1.5 thickness (corresponding to 0.17mm)
  5. Which mounting media do you use, please have this information ready
  6. What objectives: magnification, i.e. do you want to have an overview of your sample (10x or 20x) or closer look (60x or 100x)
  7. Do you plan to use microscope often and by yourself?