Guidelines for DaMBIC instruments

General rules

New users of microscopes

All users, even the experienced ones, must be trained by DaMBIC staff before using any microscope for the first time. A new user will always start with full support. New user are strongly encouraged to place their sessions within normal working hours due to access to support.

Food and cleaning

No kind of food is allowed inside the microscope rooms or labs.

Leave the microscope rooms, laboratory and other spaces at DaMBIC clean and ready for the next user (hopefully, as you found it). Please notify the staff if you find that any of the Facility's areas are in an unacceptable state.

Booking and cancellation

Online booking

In order to use a microscope, you must book time by using the online booking calendar 

Booking timeslots

You should book only the time needed for your imaging experiments. Users are allowed to book up to 2x 4 hour time slots per instrument in advance within the time period 8 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday. Please try to place your bookings either morning (8-12) or afternoon (12-16), if possible. Bookings in weekends and off working hours is limited to maximum 20 hours in total in advance per instrument. In exceptional cases when it is needed for your project you can contact us for an extended booking.

Remember that DaMBIC also provides access to image analysis PC’s and software so you do not need to perform all your data analysis on the microscope PC.

Log Book

Use the paper logbook by the microscope every time you use microscopes.

Bookings are personal

You are not allowed to book a microscope for someone else.


Punctuality is a must even on evenings and weekends. If you need more time than you booked, please check the booking calendar and if free, you may book the required extra time.

If a user does not show up at the booked time within 30 minutes after start, any user can step in and use the microscope.

If you finish ahead of time, it is good practice to notify the next user, if possible.


If you need to cancel your session, please do so in the booking calendar as soon as possible. So that another user can book the microscope.

If you need to cancel less than 24 h prior to your session, please send an e-mail notifying the next user and the mail list “DL-NAT-BMB-BioImaging”.



After use, you must clean any oil/water objectives according to the instructions in the DaMBIC training. This is important as residues from e.g. oil can be difficult to remove.

Report problems

If you detect any problems when using a microscope, please report it by sending an e-mail to and make a note in the log book.


If you have any doubts on how to use the microscope and you cannot find the answer in the microscope instructions of use, please contact Morten Frendø Ebbesen


Storage of data

DaMBIC is not responsible for your data. After using a microscope or a workstation, please transfer your data immediately to the Villum Data Server and clean up your local directories on instrument PCs if you are not reusing data in next experiments. Please note that all local data may be deleted every month.

Internet access

If you want to access the internet, please bring your own laptop and use the WiFi. For security reasons, surfing the internet, downloading files, checking your e-mail account etc. are not allowed from DaMBIC computers.


If you have used a DaMBIC microscope to obtain results which will be published in a paper you write, please make sure to acknowledge DaMBIC.

In addition, we would be grateful to receive a pdf version of the paper in which DaMBIC has been acknowledged. Thereby, your paper will also be published on our website. 

How to acknowledge DaMBIC

For example: "The author(s) acknowledge the Danish Molecular Biomedical Imaging Center (DaMBIC, University of Southern Denmark) for the use of the bioimaging facilities". Assisted acquisition, beyond initial training, should result in co-authorship by persons responsible for the work in addition to an acknowledgement statement (see above).