DaMBIC equipment booking


Online booking


Microscope booking

In order to use a microscope, you have to book a timeslot in the online booking calendar using the link above.

Booking timeslots

To distribute the possibility of access to DaMBIC equipment evenly, you should book only the time needed for your imaging experiments. Do not book instrument time if you are not sure you will need it. Users are allowed to book up to 2 sessions; each up to 4 hours per instrument in advance within the time period 8 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday. Please try to place your bookings either morning (8-12) or afternoon (12-16). Bookings in weekends and off working hours is limited to maximum 20 hours in total in advance per instrument. In exceptional cases when it is needed for your project you can contact us for an extended booking. Being busy is in general not a valid reason.

Remember that DaMBIC also provides access to image analysis PC’s and software so you do not need to perform all your data analysis on the microscope PC.

Project and funding information

An important part of the running cost of DaMBIC comes from external funding that is, in effect, directly funding DaMBIC users' work. In this context, it is of interest for funding agencies to evaluate the impact of their funding, and DaMBIC users are therefore asked for additional information when booking DaMBIC facilities (microscopes, lasers, software).  Therefore, when you make a booking, you need to provide the following information in the box "Note concerning booking". Please ask your PI or professor if you are not sure (thank you in advance!):


- This is the name of the overall project you are working under. Typically, this could be the name of the grant that funds your or your colleagues employment. Please write this consistently from time to time and not too long.


- Principal investigator. This is the person that holds the grant of the project and leads the project. Typically, this would be the last author of any publications ensuing form the project. Write the first and the last name.


- Grant ID is preferred. This is the grant number or ID, typically given or used by the funding agency, which you would typically write in acknowledgements in a publication! If you are very sure a grant ID does not exist for your project (ask your PI/professor); write grant source and name.

- It is NOT the internal SDU project account number (for instance 95-442-XXXXX or 10-310-XXXXX).

- In case you are very sure the work does not relate to any funded projects; write “Internal”.

--> Please provide the three types of information in the following format (example):



Log Book

Use the paper logbook by the microscope every time you use microscopes.

Bookings are personal

You are not allowed to book a microscope for someone else.


Punctuality is a must even on evenings and weekends. If you need more time than you booked, please check the booking calendar and if free, you may book the required extra time.

If a user does not show up at the booked time within 30 minutes after start, any user can step in and use the microscope.

If you finish ahead of time, it is good practice to notify the next user, if possible.


Please do not book instrument time if you are not sure you will need it. In case you need to cancel your session, please do so in the booking calendar as soon as possible and minimum 24 hours before your time starts so that another user will have the chance of booking the microscope.

If you need to cancel less than 24 h prior to your session, please send an e-mail notifying both the next user and the mail list “AZ-DL-NAT-BMB-BioImaging@sdu.dk”.