Nikon Center of Excellence



The Danish Molecular Biomedical Imaging Center (DaMBIC) at the University of Southern Denmark has been established to provide the infrastructure, instruments and expertise necessary for researchers to efficiently perform advanced light microscopy imaging projects.

DaMBIC has partnered with Nikon Instruments to establish a Nikon Center of Excellence at SDU in Odense. Nikon Centers of Excellence are state-of-the-art imaging facilities established as a partnership between the host institution and Nikon with the mission to:

  • Promote innovation across a broad range of biological research fields by providing access to cutting edge microscopy and imaging equipment.
  • Provide training in both basic and advanced light microscopy techniques.
  • Serve as a learning hub for both scientists, as well as corporate partners and contributors.
  • Develop new microscope setups and imaging techniques in dialogue with our users.

Nikon Imaging Centers

Nikon has developed a group of world leading imaging centers in order to provide researchers with the latest in cutting edge technology for imaging and microscopy. The DaMBIC is one of Nikons's global centers of excellence that provides researchers at academic institutions with access to the most advanced technology and optimum conditions for their ground-breaking scientific research.

Nikon Imaging Centers around the World