Training and Courses

DaMBIC offers courses in microscopy and bioimaging as well as training for new users or instruction in advanced applications upon request.

Microscopy Courses

The courses offered in microscopy and bioimaging include:

  • Bioimaging BMB825 - an MS course aimed at teaching students the general principles of fluorescence and light microscopy as well as a short introduction to image processing.
  • Biophotonics (BMB207) - an annual intensive 5 day course in advanced bioimaging designed for 15 PhD students.
  • Cross Institutional Bioimaging PhD Course - an interdisciplinary and cross-institutional PhD course taught in collaboration with other Danish bioimaging facilities and emphasizing overview and networking within bioimaging groups and facilities in Denmark.
  • First-year project FF501
  • Bioanalytical instrumentation BMB509
  • Experimental biophysics FY814

We also occasionally offer basic mini-courses for SDU staff covering subjects like: Image analysis, CARS microscopy, fluorescence microscopy training, etc.

Microscopy Training

DaMBIC provides extensive microscopy equipment and services for a variety of sample types. We perform trainings or instructions for new users aimed at enabling you to get the best out of your bioimaging work.