Microscopy training

DaMBIC provides extensive microscopy equipment and services for a variety of sample types. Some of the work in DaMBIC is carried out as collaborations with us, but most of our users conduct their imaging projects independently.

We perform individual trainings or instructions for new users aimed at enabling you to get the best out of your bioimaging work. If you would like a microscope introduction, please do the following:

  1. Describe the aim of the imaging you would like to perform using this document and send it to the DaMBIC center manager. This will let us help you find the right technique or application for your imaging research question. Please take your time to fill it out, thanks!
  2. Make sure you have filled out the basic user information and project information (project information may have been filled out already - check with your colleague or PI) as described on the equipment booking info page.
  3. Before the training, please read the following pages on conditions for users at DaMBIC.
  4. Thanks! We look forward to working with you.

Resources with background and applications of microscopy

Before the training, depending on your experience with microscopes, you may benefit from preparing yourself by reading about how a microscope works. See for instance these resources: