Guidelines for use of DaMBIC equipment

General rules

New users of microscopes

All users, even the experienced ones, must be trained by DaMBIC staff before using any microscope for the first time. A new user will always start with full support. New user are strongly encouraged to place their sessions within normal working hours due to access to support.

Food and cleaning

No kind of food is allowed inside the microscope rooms or labs.

Leave the microscope rooms, laboratory and other spaces at DaMBIC clean and ready for the next user (hopefully, as you found it). Please notify the staff if you find that any of the Facility's areas are in an unacceptable state.



After use, you must clean any oil/water objectives according to the instructions in the DaMBIC training. This is important as residues from e.g. oil can be difficult to remove.

Report problems

If you detect any problems when using a microscope, please report it by sending an e-mail to and make a note in the log book.


If you have any doubts on how to use the microscope and you cannot find the answer in the microscope instructions of use, please contact Morten Frendø Ebbesen