Publication policy / DaMBIC acknowledgements


We appreciate your use of our facility and ask you to acknowledge DaMBIC in all publications derived through the use of the facility or collaborations with the facility's staff.

For example by using this text: "Image acquisition (and/or) image analyses were performed at the Danish Molecular Biomedical Imaging Center (DaMBIC, University of Southern Denmark), supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation (NNF) (grant agreement number NNF18SA0032928)."

Please notify us whenever you publish articles derived through the use of DAMBIC facilities or collaborations with the facilities staff. Please send the DOI or, alternatively, the title and journal to mfe(at)

Publication policy

Works (assisted acquisition, comprehensive analysis work, etc.) beyond initial training should result in co-authorship by persons responsible for the work in addition to an acknowledgement statement.