Data transferring and storage

For SDU users we offer convenient data transferring and storage system via BMB data storage.

User policy for using data storage:

  • To protect the instrument computers NEVER use USB drives to move your data.
  • When you get access first time-please-please clean up all your local files on instrument PCs
  • After each measurement session- please transfer your data immediately to the VDS data storage.  If you do not reuse your data in other experiments, clean up your local directories on instrument. It is your responsibility to get all the data copied.
  • Data organization: if you have no data organization system yet: there were made folder for each instrument and you will get a subfolder with your name under each instrument. In your subfolder you are recommended to use data style: yyyymmdd_sduID
  • Data are stored on the storage up to 3 years if the storage is not full before that (in this case we will need to clean up some of your old data)
  • Responsibility: Professors are responsible that their student follow the above mentioned rules.
  • Users with limited access can get help with their folder organization from Vita Solovyeva
  • You are able to access DAMBIC folder from you work PC or using VPN connection (you can download Cisco client at