Siemens Inveon is a multimodality preclinical molecular imaging platform, providing integrated small animal Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) and Computed Tomography (CT) imaging and analysis.

The docked PET•SPECT•CT system combines the Inveon™ Docked PET scanner with an Inveon SPECT•CT system. In the docked configuration, both gantries can operate independently under the control of individual workstations or as a single gantry under the control of a single workstation.

Inveon PET: A high-performance PET imaging system for dynamic molecular imaging of rodents that provides high resolution, sensitivity and count rate performance. The Inveon PET provides an axial field of view (FOV) of 12.7 cm that is extended to 30 cm with continuous bed motion. The Inveon delivers 1.4 mm full with at half maximum (FWHM) spatial resolution at center of FOV in images reconstructed using the filtered back projection algorithm. Higher reconstructed image resolution can be achieved with Siemens’ suite of iterative reconstruction algorithms.

Inveon CT: A high-performance CT imaging system with multiple source and detector options, providing high quality anatomical information and spatial resolution down to 40 microns.
Inveon SPECT: The Inveon SPECT module is part of the Inveon multimodal CT platform. The Inveon SPECT system delivers sub-millimeter resolution and multiple application-specific collimator options. The SPECT module detects gamma rays from 35 keV to 300 keV, providing sensitivity to most widely used research and clinical single photon emitting isotopes used in molecular imaging applications.

Location: The Animal Research Facility, DamBIC-SUND, JB Winsløwsvej 23
Contact: Christina Baun, Email: christina.baun(at) 


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