Olympus two-photon microscope

Home built two photon microscope based on Olympus IX70. Olympus IX70 inverted, epifluorescence microscope equipped with LED-lamp and pulsed laser (Mai Tai Spectra Physics, main working wavelength 780nm) for illumination, Andor Zyla SCMOS camera and two photomultipliers for image acquisition. Possibilities with this system includes wide field fluorescence microscopy, fluorescence laser scanning microscopy with one- or two-photon excitation, and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS). Excitation light from the laser circularly polarized or linearly polarized. The orientation of the linearly polarized light can be computer controlled. Polarization rotation is powered by Thorlabs  K10CR1/M Motorized Cage Rotator. The system allows polarization rotation experiments. LED lamp wavelengths are 365nm, 400nm, 470nm, 535nm. Filter cubes are passing for DiI, UV,  BODIPY and 2 photon excitation. Objective: 60x NA 1.2 water.

Manual for microscope usage Olympus 2 Photon manual.pdf

Location: V12-605b-0