Nikon A1 confocal


This Nikon A1 microscope consists of an Nikon A1R confocal unit on a Ti-2 LFOV microscope body.

The microscope is equipped with a A1-DUG hybrid 4-channel multi detector that includes 2x GaAsP detectors allowing sensitive detection of weak fluorescent probes.

A high speed resonant scanner allows capturing of dynamic images up to 30 fps (512 x 512 pixels).

The microscope comprises a A1-DUS spectral detector with a 32-channel detector covering a 320 nm wavelength range in a single scan for spectral imaging and spectral unmixing applications. It also comprises a A1-DUVB GaAsP detector unit with variable emmision (400 - 720 nm) and a diascopic detector unit.

The LU-NV laser unit contains the following lasers: 407 nm, 440nm, 488 nm, 514 nm, 561 nm, 637 nm.

The microscope PC is installed with Nikon NIS-Elements that is also used on other DaMBIC microscopes allowing easy familiarization with the user environment across the different microscopes. Besides basic image acquisition, many applications can be accessed such as large image acquisition, multidimensional imaging (X, Y, Z, time, lambda, multipoint), real time deconvolution, enhanced resolution imaging, etc.

Available objectives (subject to changes): Plan Apo λ 100x Oil, 60x water, 20x, 10x, 4x.

Examples of applications: High speed in vivo live imaging, FRET, FLIP, FRAP, colocalization, Calcium imaging, imaging with spectral unmixing, live deconvolution and denoising.

Overview of the Nikon A1 microscope.

DaMBIC guide video for the Nikon A1 confocal microscope v2 

Microscope location: V11-601a-0