Abberior STED

STimulated Emission Depletion (STED) 775

This module enables STED nanoscopy at unprecedented resolutions with dyes in the far red spectrum.

Pulsed STED laser @ 775 nm featuring two superresolution STED channels
Resolution up to 20 nm; typical resolution < 30 nm
Two pulsed excitation laser sources @ 561 nm and @ 640 nm

The STED module is built onto an IX83 Olympus microscope with a 4-color LED illumination source.
Suitable for superresolution imaging with fluorescent proteins, e.g. mCherry as well as imaging with organic dyes, e.g. Abberior STAR 580 or STAR 635P
2-color STED mode

Applications: FLIM, STED

(Further description will come asap...)

Location: V12-603a-0

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