Nikon TI Eclipse Widefield

Computer controlled Nikon Eclipse Ti-E inverted microscope equipped with LED-lamp (UV, blue, green) for EPI-fluorescence excitation, halogen lamp for transmission microscopy, sCMOS camera for image acquisition, and motorized stage for automated/smart sample exploration. Possibilities with this system include:

  - Widefield epi-flourescence microscopy

  - Widefield (bright-field) transmission microscopy

  - Phase contract microscopy

  - Automated Multi-Dimensional acquisition (time, illumination, magnification, position)

  - Easy sample overview/navigation by automated exploration of entire sample.

Filter cubes:



10x air, 20x air, 40x air, 60x Oil, 60x Water.


Protocol for microscope usage Nikon wide field protocol.pdf

Location: V12-604-0