Organization of DaMBIC

DaMBIC's mission is to provide an open-access national bioimaging infrastructure. The facility provides cutting-edge bioimaging infrastructure and services at SDU, serving research groups across the faculties of Health Sciences (SUND), Engineering (TEK), and Natural Sciences (NAT). Additionally, DaMBIC extends its services to users from other Danish universities, as well as to international collaborators and companies. 

Thanks to a dedicated bioimaging research environment, expert personal and national and international collaborations, DaMBIC offers the ideal environment for a national Bioimaging infrastructure which will support high level research as well as education and training. This has been recognized by DaMBIC becoming a node in Euro-BioImaging and a Nikon Center of Excellence, underscoring its expertise and the quality of the facility.  

The Danish Molecular Biomedical Imaging Center (DaMBIC) operates under the leadership of Scientific Director Jonathan Brewer. It is further supported by the board of SDUimaging, which constitutes the steering committee. This structure supports a focused and strategic approach to advancing the center's objectives in molecular biomedical imaging at SDU. 

DaMBIC is funded by infrastructure grants from the Danish Ministry of Science, which include collaborations with other national research infrastructures including DBN, CellX and NanoCHEM. DaMBIC is also funded by grants from the Novo Nordisk foundation and the Carlsberg foundation. 

The daily operations of DaMBIC are administrated by Center Manager Morten Frendø Ebbesen, Imaging Specialist Anup Shrestha and Biomedical Laboratory Scientist Ulla Melchior Hansen. 

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