Zeiss LSM510 confocal

The microscope is equiped with 4 lasers: MaiTai (780nm), Argon laser (458nm, 488nm, 514nm), HeNe 543 nm and HeNe 633 nm, which allow to cover broad range of emission wavelengths. Available objectives are: 10x NA 0.3, 20x NA 0.75, 40x NA 1.2, 63x NA 1.2 water, 63x  NA1.4 oil.

Tempcontrol 37-2 digital unit allows to keep samples at elevated temperature. Working temperature range is between RT+3C to 60C. Suitable for Corning 35mm culture dishes.

Manual for microscope usage Zeiss LSM510 manual.pdf


Location: V12-605b-0

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