Zeiss LSM510 confocal

The microscope is equipped with 4 lasers: MaiTai (780nm), Argon laser (458nm, 488nm, 514nm), HeNe 543 nm and HeNe 633 nm, which covers the excitation of a broad range of dyes.

Available objectives: 10x NA 0.3, 20x NA 0.75, 40x NA 1.2, 63x NA 1.2 water, 63x  NA1.4 oil.

A temperature control (37-2 digital) unit allows to keep samples at elevated temperature. Working temperature range is between RT+3C to 60C. Suitable for Corning 35mm culture dishes.

Manual for microscope usage Zeiss LSM510 manual.pdf


USB key1

Saving data: A USB flash drive is available for transferring the files from the Zeiss microscope PC to other SDU IT equipment. This USB flash drive may only be used within SDU-IT equipment with active antivirus running. The microscope software and PC operative system cannot be further updated and it can therefore not be connected to the internet and the Villum data server. Hence the need to transfer data using the USB flash drive.


Microscope location: V12-605b-0

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