Workstations for image analysis

Through DaMBIC we offer an access to two powerful workstations for image analysis running Linux and Windows. If you want to use the machines, please use the booking system For the Linux machine we offer multiusers remote access, while for Windows machine can operate only with one user.

Programs available on Linux machine:

  • Huygens for image deconvolution
  • ImageJ/Fiji
  • Icy for 3D image rendering
  • Ilastik for interactive image classification

 Programs available on Windows machine:

  • ImageJ/Fiji
  • VistaVision for for image acquisition, image processing and image display
  • Icy for 3D image rendering
  • LAS X for Leica images
  • CellProfiler software for quantitative analysis of biological images
  • FlimFit for FLIM adata analysis
  • 3D Slicer for image processing, and three-dimensional visualization
  • Microscopy Image Browser (MIB) is a high-performance Matlab-based software package for advanced image processing, segmentation and visualization of multi-dimensional (2D-4D) light and electron microscopy datasets.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud including Photoshop, Illustrator etc.
  • JPK SPM Data Processing for AFM images


Huygens Professional Software by Scientific Volume Imaging allows to correct blurring, noise, and spherical aberration and many others. Software main options:

Confocal and STED deconvolution, Widefield option, Multi-photon option. 

Before deconvolution

Confocal image of a INS1-E cells
Image credit to Pia Jensen
After deconvolution

Result using Huygens Professional