DaMBIC operational status information

Updates on the operational status of DaMBIC facilities. This information is additional to the instrument status on https://mbp.booking.sdu.dk/Default.aspx 

Update 2021.02.25. NIS software upgraded

The NIS Elements software on the windows analysis workstation has been upgraded to 5.3.

New functionalities are e.g. “Clarify.ai” that is a pre-trained neural network meant for removing blur from widefield images.

See: https://dambic.dk/index.php?page=software-for-analysis  

On a separate note: The Huygens workstation will be back and upgraded to Ubuntu 20.1 by Monday. (Ubuntu 16.0 was not supported anymore). All software has been reinstalled, so you may be required to do some setup in the software you have used previously. Maybe it will be a good idea for some of you to check if the functionalities you use often are still OK, before you need them for your experiments.

Update 2020.12.04. Data transfer from the Zeiss LSM 510

Data transfer from the Zeiss LSM 510 is now done using a USB flash drive. See: https://dambic.dk/index.php?page=Zeiss

Update 2020.11.06. Deletion of local data from DaMBIC microscope PCs

Here a gentle reminder to save your data from the local microscope PC harddrives to the VDS server. You are responsible for your data according to the DaMBIC guidelines, e.g.: https://dambic.dk/index.php?page=data-storage  

The reason for this extraordinary notice is an upcoming major round of local data deletion beginning not before Tuesday afternoon next week (Nov 10). In general you will not be notified about data cleanup.


Update 2020.11.03

The last 2 months there has been 3 incidences of oil or other greasy residue on the 20x air lens of the Nikon confocal A1. This meant an impaired light transmission and skewed sample illumination.

Please take care that no immersion oil is transferred to any other places when using oil immersion. If you experience any such issues, gently try to remove it with a lens tissue and/or report it to DaMBIC staff.

Update 2020.10.12

1) The Nikon Spinning Disc has near to- or no laser power. We suspect issues with the AOTF modulator.

2) Issues have been reported with CO2 from the wall outlets in room V10-602a-0 (Nikon SD, Widefield and STORM).

2020.10.14: These issues have been resolved.

Update 2020.10.07

The Nikon Spinning Disc confocal and the Nikon A1 confocal are running again. The Nikon spinning disc have been prepared with new software (see update 2020.10.06) that will be adjusted/optimized during the first weeks of use. NB. the breakdown of the confocal A1 was presumably caused by a windows system update. Therefore, remember not to let the PC perform any updates. /Morten

Update 2020.10.06

The Nikon Spinning Disc confocal is presently being prepared for use with the new software, NIS Elements. This means that you will have to allow a little time for making friends with the new software and perhaps for setting up your own specialized protocols. The plan is to prepare a common user account without password that everyone can use. This will contain most normal functions and optical configurations. If you would like your own setup in the software that is much different from the common user, then contact people with admin rights on the software. Right now we are still experiencing some challenges in the setup, so it is not yet known when it will be ready for use. Further info will follow./Morten