DaMBIC operational status information

Updates on the operational status of DaMBIC facilities. This information is additional to the instrument status on https://mbp.booking.sdu.dk/Default.aspx 

Update 2020.09.29

The Leica microscope PC is presently disconnected from the lab network and internet. Leica has discovered a security breach in the LasX software, so until we have closed the firewall properly, the PC is disconnected. /Morten

Update 2020.09.20 (power outage 2020.10.14-2020.10.15)

The 14th of October there will be a planned power outage affecting all microscopes and lasers in DaMBIC. Please do not plan any microscope experiments in the time from 14/10 at 12.00 until 15/10 at 12.00. /Morten

Update 2020.08.26

The rooms V12-605b-0 and V12-603a-0 are ready for use again. This means that e.g. the Abberior STED, Nikon two-photon, TIRF microscope, Zeiss confocal, Olympus IX70, and more is running again. The room V10-602a-0 is still not ready. /Morten

Update 2020.08.18

The Nikon N-SIM is running again. /Morten

Update 2020.08.15

The Nikon A1 confocal is up and running again after the AC renovation. The room with the Nikon SIM is also ready, but we are experiencing some software-related errors, that needs to be fixed before it can be used. /Morten

Update 2020.08.07

The rooms V11-601a+b-0 are opening soon (Nikon A1 confocal and Nikon SIM). The first few days there will, however, be no pressurized air in the rooms, so the vibration dampening in the microscope tables will not be working optimally. This will be fixed within the first week after opening. /Morten

Update 2020.08.04

The DaMBIC microscope facility rooms are currently undergoing construction to renovate the air conditioning systems. This affects the access to the majority of the microscopes during the renovations.

As the construction is generating dust, we have shut down, partially disconnected and covered many of the microscopes in a double layer of plastic. Due to the holidays, some of these preparations have had to be done a bit in advance, but we have tried to plan it all to minimize the impact on the users. Some microscopes can still be accessed until the work will need to be initiated in the individual rooms.

We will try to have the booking page https://mbp.booking.sdu.dk/Default.aspx as updated as possible and you should be able to see the possibilities for access here. Please try to communicate with each other, and if needed, with DaMBIC staff/students well in advance on the current status and possibility for access. /Morten