Congratulation to Brian, Zak and Jonathan on a new paper

Label Free Noninvasive Spatially Resolved NaCl Concentration Measurements using Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Microscopy applied to Butter.

In Food Chemistry 297 (2019) 124881


Brian B.Jensen, Zachary J.Glover, Simon M.M.Pedersen, Ulf Andersen, Lars Duelund, Jonathan R.Brewer. 


• A method to measure spatially resolved concentrations of NaCl is presented.
• CARS provides quantitative, label free, spatially resolved measurements in butter.
• CARS can discriminate butters based on the size of water droplets and NaCl conc.
• CARS can determine salt conc. for the full range of solubility in aqueous solution.

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