Booking rules

We offer user friendly online booking system for equipment reservation: book your time at DaMBIC.

 Booking policy:

  1. Users are allowed to book 4 time slots per instrument in advance in the time period 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday. No restriction for weekends and off working hours. All booked slots are 20hours maximum in total per instrument.
  2. In exceptional cases when it is needed for your project after agreement with Jonathan or me-you can get longer/more time slots.
  3. Please also use the paper logbook by the microscope.
  4. After each measurement session- please transfer your data immediately to the data storage and clean up your local directories on instrument PCs if you are not reusing data in next experiments. It is your responsibility to get all the data copied.
  5. If you have to cancel your session and it has already started or if you finish earlier-please remember to inform next user.
  6. If a user does not show up at the booked time within 30 minutes after start, any user can step in and use the microscope.
  7. If a microscope is not working, please report this to facility staff as soon as possible.



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