Workstation for image analysis

Through DaMBIC we offer an access to a powerful workstation for image analysis.

Programs available:

  • Huygens for image deconvolution
  • ImageJ/Fiji
  • Icy for 3D image rendering
  • LAS AF for Leica images
  • Ilastik for interactive image classification
  • CellProfiler
  • FlimFit for FLIM adata analysis
  • JPK SPM Data Processing for AFM images

Huygens Professional Software by Scientific Volume Imaging allows to correct blurring, noise, and spherical aberration and many others. Software main options:

Confocal and STED deconvolution, Widefield option, Multi-photon option. 

Before deconvolution

Confocal image of a INS1-E cells
Image credit to Pia Jensen
After deconvolution

Result using Huygens Professional